Awatere Rugby - the heart of the Awatere

Early records show that the 1st competitive rugby game in the local area was played in 1878 when a team from Awatere played a Blenheim team.

However it was not until 1906 when the Marlborough Rugby Football Union was formed and Awatere was one of the five clubs that took part in a structured competition.


The name Awatere was adopted because it was felt it was the best description of the area that the players came from.  The colours of green and gold were chosen and although various combinations have been used through the last 114 years, the main colours remain green and gold.

The majority of players have come from Blenheim to the North, Clarence Bridge to the South the Molesworth station to the West.


The clubs home ground is the Seddon Domain where lights for night rugby were installed in 2003.  The clubrooms which were opened in 1987, following a huge fundraising drive, are located adjacent to the playing field.  The clubrooms which were damaged in the Cook Strait earthquakes in 2012 are scheduled to be repaired once sufficient fundraising allows.


A feature of the club is the loyalty of club members and supporters with some members being involved in the club for over 60 years.  We are fortunate enough to have the 4th generation of families playing for the club today.


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